About Hariri High School III

Educational Vision:

Hariri High School III aspires to educate a knowledgeably and culturally capable generation that is aware of its capacities, cognizant of human values, sensible to beauty, able to adapt to changing circumstances, prepared to positively react within its own environment and committed to responsible citizenship in order to develop into free, empathetic and cooperative learners open to the community and the global world.

General Educational Objectives:

1. Develop the intellectual, social, emotional and physical aspects of the learner’s personality.

2. Give the learners the chance to acquire the integrated and essential skills which contribute to their capacity building and critical thinking, and help them in expressing themselves fluently and independently.

3. Enhance the relation between the learners, their families, school, community and country and ensure the following of the Quran instructions and the rules of conduct and good manners.

4. Build a personality that is prideful of its unique traits and ability to communicate and interact properly and openly with school staff, peers and adults, which would later ease the integration of the learners in the whole wider community.

5. Continuously assess students’ learning, based on individual differences and grade level expectations, to help improve their educational and social performances.

6. Use education technology and audio-visual aids to complement the teaching-learning process.

7. Involve students in doing projects, presentations and group work activities, which are considered as an integral part of the curriculum

8. Ensure an academically, culturally, artistically and socially rich school life, which meets students’ expectations and realize their ambitions.

9. Use proficiently the native and second and third languages, which fosters the cultural and educational diversity.

Organizational Structure

Mrs. Salwa Al-Siniora Baasiri
Director General - Rafik Hariri Foundation
Mr. Usama Shehab
School Principal
Mrs. Hassana Mneimneh
Manager of Administration and Human Resources